Winter has ruined my playground rubber surface

If you live in the Northeast or the mid-west you will likely encounter this problem: gaps in your poured in ...
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damaged playground surface

Damaged playground surface?

Yes. We get this all the time. Tree roots have ripped through my poured rubber surface.  The fence company came ...
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The Importance of Playground Inspections

Appropriate surfacing, partially-bounded opening, impact attenuation, critical fall height, crush and shear, non-entanglement zone, out of service. Do these words ...
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playground splinters

No More Splinters

Kids like to walk around barefoot, especially at the playground where they climb and play on wooden structures. The downside ...
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Playground Fitness for Teens & Adults

Joining a local health club isn’t for everyone. The cost of membership can be prohibitive for teens and adults and ...
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Together We Can Solve Hunger in our local school systems

It is estimated that 1 out of 5 children live in households without access to nutritious food. And it is ...
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Property Management Playgrounds

Property Managers and Playground Safety

Property managers should treat playground safety very seriously. Property managers are not only responsible for handling tenants, managing leases, and ...
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Playgrounds for Pooches

A dog park is just the thing for families and their four-legged canine friends who want to enjoy quality playtime together ...
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CRPA conference

Trassig at the CRPA Conference

We had a chance to exhibit at the Connecticut Recreation and Park Association annual conference that took place November 23rd and ...
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poured in place rubber cost

Poured in place rubber cost

One of the most frequent questions we get asked about poured in place rubber surfacing is: How much does it ...
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playground deck repair

How to repair playground decks

Metal playground decks are covered with a vinyl coat to protect the metal from corrosion, create a non-skid surface as well ...
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How to use a poured in place rubber patch kit

So you have received your poured in place rubber repair patch kit. Now what? Like anything else. Good planning is ...
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Gap in poured in place rubber

Gaps in Poured in Place Rubber Surfacing

We get many service calls every year to fill gaps in poured in place rubber surfacing.  The gap usually appears ...
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all about sand box covers

All about sandbox covers

Children aren't the only ones who love the sand…so do insects and animals. Once installed, a sandbox should be maintained; ...
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geo-fabric in playground construction

Geofabric in playground construction

Geofabric, or landscape fabric plays a big role in a playground setting. It separates playground mulch and rubber mulch from ...
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Playground Site preparation

How important is site prep in playground surfacing?

Playground site preparation is one of those topics that are rarely discussed when installing a new playground surface. All safety ...
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commercial playground installation

Playground installation check list

We often get asked what you need to know before your playground get installed. So here is a check list ...
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poured in place rubber deterioration

The different stages of Poured in Place Rubber deterioration

Do you see loose rubber granules everywhere on your poured in place rubber surface? Do you feel the granules come ...
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damaged poured in place rubber surface

Maintaining a poured in place rubber surface

Poured in place rubber surfacing is NOT a maintenance free surface like some vendors might represent. Worse, it is a ...
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Arch Swing

What do I need to know about commercial swings?

Swings are a great play activity. The sensation that a swing offers to a child is unique to that piece ...
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playground Rubber tiles

Poured in Place Rubber Vs. Rubber Tiles: What’s better for my playground?

I, as well as our playground installers, get this question quite frequently; Which safety surfacing system is better for my ...
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poured in place repair

Poured in Place Rubber Repair

One of the most frequent playground question our staff receives, is: How do I repair my poured in place rubber ...
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Playground mulch CT

What is engineered wood fiber?

Engineered wood fiber (EWF) or more commonly known as playground mulch is probably the most popular of all playground safety ...
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poured in place rubber

What exactly is poured in place rubber?

Poured in place rubber is a unitary surface often used in playgrounds to provide some cushioning to protect kids from ...
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playground synthetic turf

Do I choose Synthetic Turf or Poured in Place Rubber?

Which surface should you choose for your playground: Poured in Place Rubber or Synthetic Turf? First of all, unless the ...
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