Composite Playsets

Our toddler composite playsets are specifically designed to accommodate the skill levels and heights of toddlers. Children are capable of different obstacles and activities based on their age because they are still developing and growing at various rates. Toddlers are more prone to falling because they are still strengthening their muscles and learning how to properly balance. They are also still discovering how to world works and learning about things like numbers, letters, and time. Our different playsets have activity panels to help toddlers learn more about the world and how it functions. They also offer new and exciting obstacles like slides and tunnels that are perfect for their height and ability. Playgrounds should be constructed to coincide with children’s center of gravity to ensure the proper safety and the appropriate amount of challenge. We offer Quick Ship (2-3 weeks), Custom (6-12 weeks), and Natural toddler composite playsets (shipping varies).


Our 2-5 composite sets are more advanced than our toddler sets. Children grow quickly and are constantly developing new strengths and skills. Our 2-5 sets introduce new challenges for children such as larger slides, climbers, stepping ups, and stairs leading to various activities. Children aged 2-5 are still building their strength up and are ready for more difficult challenges. Our sets offer that and grow with children. They become taller and more complex to keep up with their constantly changing minds and bodies. We offer Quick Ship (2-3 weeks), Custom (6-12 weeks), and Natural 2-5 composite playsets (shipping varies).



Our 5-12 composite sets are another step up from out smaller sets. These offer more exciting challenges for children and test their strength. These composite sets are open to a wider range of children than the toddler and 2-5 sets, offering obstacles for every age between 5 and 12. These sets are larger and include more advanced slides, climbers, and stepping ups. These sets introduce monkey bars, allowing children to use their upper arm strength. Monkey bars are something young children are not yet prepared for and would find very difficult. With this set for older children, it lets them begin to find their upper body strength. The center of gravity of children aged 5-12 grows as children are constantly getting taller. The height of the equipment is taller to keep up with growing children. We offer Quick Ship                                                                                (2-3 weeks), Custom (6-12 weeks), and Natural 5-12 composite playsets (shipping varies).


Our 2-12 composite sets offer activities, challenges, and obstacles for a wide range of children. Children between the ages of 2 and 12 have very varying skill levels so we offer sets several different aged children can enjoy. These sets have features such as monkey bars, climbers, stepping ups, different sized and shaped slides, tunnels, and activity panels. There are varying sizes of the equipment to accommodate the varying sizes of children. The physical and mental ability of a 2 and 12 year old are vastly different. But these sets offer features for both ages and every age in between. Their minds and bodies will be challenged. These playsets are fun and exciting for so many different ages, heights, and skill levels. We offer Quick Ship (2-3 weeks), Custom (6-12 weeks), and Natural 2-12 composite playsets (shipping varies).