We offer playground design services to schools and municipalities. We will work with you to design a functional playground that will meet your play requirements as well as your budget. Through 3D renderings, we will show you what your playground will look like. Good playground design is not just about equipment, but takes into consideration the unique properties of the site where the equipment will go. That includes traffic patterns, shade, drainage, proximity to certain structures, as well as the age group of the kids, special needs, ADA access. etc.

The playground design process starts with a site visit, followed by a meeting with all the stake holders with an understanding of what the requirements should be. We are here to advise you, not steer you one way or another. We will tell you what’s up to code and what’s not. And most importantly, we will share with you our experience on what works and what doesn’t. For more information, or to schedule a site visit, call 203-659-0456.

Elements of good playground design:

  • Site location is carefully chosen.
  • Access to site, including ADA
  • Age appropriateness of the equipment
  • Inclusiveness of the equipment.
  • Surfacing that reflects initial as well as maintenance budget
  • Accessibility of safety surfacing material
  • Balance between Risk and safety
  • Good play ‘flow’
  • Sight obstruction in of the playground (Is it easy to supervise the kids)
  • Color scheme
  • Natural elements (Trees, gardens, landscaping)
  • Community involvement
  • Population served



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