Every playground should have a maintenance program. We, at Trassig, offer several options to help you maintain your playground equipment and surfacing. Our affordable plans give you the peace of mind that your playground is kept up to the safety standards it needs to be. Call 203-659-0456 to talk to a playground professional about a playground maintenance program, or if you just need emergency maintenance or repairs done.

The following are do-it-yourself products that can make playground maintenance easier:

  • Playground Rubber Surfacing Repair Kits    A do it yourself solution that allows you to easily path holes and cracks on your poured in place rubber surface.
  • Poured in Place Rebinder    A top seal solution that will rejuvinate your rubber surface and prolong its life without hardening or darkening it.
  • The Playground Deck Repair Kit     The only patch kit we know of that fixes damaged vinyl coated playground decks.
  • Playground Graffiti Remover    A proprietary solution that will remove graffiti from your playground surfaces without damaging the plastic and finishes.
  • Playground Sanitizer    A great way to sanitize your playground equipment and surfacing. A capsule system that fits any hose makes it a breeze to sanitize.