Playground Sanitizer

Our playground sanitizer, the WYSIWASH Sanitizer-V, effectively cleans all playground equipment, poured in place rubber, shredded rubber, synthetic turf, etc.

The WYSIWASH Sanitizer is designed for ease of use as it connects to standard garden hoses. No need to mix hazardous chemicals, simply connect the dispenser and spray!

Our playground sanitizer is a low pH chlorine generator that uses EPA registered solid calcium hypochlorite caplets. The WYSIWASH Sanitizer delivers USDA-approved levels of chlorine- it is non-corrosive to equipment, is not hazardous to skin and is very economical.

This playground sanitizer not only removes dirt but also is highly effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. It is portable, easily stored, decreases environmental pollutants and reduces exposure to hazardous materials.


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