playground safety surfacingAll commercial playgrounds should have safety surfacing around their use zone. The type of surface you pick will ultimately depend on your site, budget, and how often you want to maintain it. We offer every safety surfacing option, either as a product that you can install yourself or as a fully installed solution. Naturally, our installs are limited by geography. We cover the New England area. However, we can ship almost every other material to be installed by you if you are handy enough or by a local contractor. We are happy to provide all the hand holding necessary to make sure your safety install is successful. Call us at 203-659-0456, e-mail us at [email protected], or text us at 203-200-781 to find out which surfacing is best for your playground.




Synthetic Turf

synthetic turf install CTSynthetic turf, or fake grass, is a great surfacing option for playgrounds. It meets ADA requirements, Itlooks great, and when installed with padding underneath, it can offer protection against falls up to 18 feet. Synthetic Turf doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and will look great over many years of use.  We offer a wide variety of synthetic turf applications for playgrounds, as replacement for residential lawns and putting greens. We even offer synthetic turf specifically designed for pets.


Poured In Place Rubber

poured in place repair

Poured in Place Rubber Surfacing is a unitary surfacing solution that provides a soft cushion around your play set or a running surface for kids to enjoy. It consists of two layers: An impact attenuating layer, the thickness of which is determined by the height of the play equipment. This layer is typically made up of recycled rubber products such as buffings from tires. The top layer, also called ‘the wear layer’ is the colorful part of the system made up of rubber. It is a two step process, since the bottom layer needs to cure before the top layer is installed.


Bonded Rubber

playground bonded rubber Bonded Rubber surfacing is very similar to poured in place surfacing, but it is one layer instead of two. The color combinations are different than the poured in place options. We offer color mixes that look like a leafy fall surface. The thickness of the system is based on the height of the playground’s equipment. Bonded rubber can be installed on concrete, asphalt and compacted stone. It is perfect for pathways and trails. The product is troweled on site so it can be molded around existing structures. Hills can be introduced to your playground site in a safe manner. There is no limit in design when it comes to this flexible safety surfacing.


Rubber Tiles

playground rubber tilesTrassig offers 2′ x 2′  playground rubber tiles in multiple thicknesses, based on the fall height of your playground. Rubber tiles are a great, durable safety surface as they have a long shelf-life and require minimal maintenance. Our tiles have channels across the bottom that allow for proper drainage, keeping your playground safe and dry. Our tiles exceed the required guidelines set forth by ADA, ASTM and CPSC.




Liquid Rubber

playground liquid rubberWhen Poured in Place Surfaces are damaged beyond patching, a playground liquid rubber application can do the job. The rubber penetrates the pores of the surface, rejuvenating it with its binders and sealing it, expanding the shelf life of the surface by many years. Playground liquid rubber can dramatically change the look of your playground. The colors are typically more pronounced than poured in place rubber and the system is more UV resistant. Playground liquid rubber is ideal for surfaces that have a pitch to them as it seals the area completely.




Shredded Rubber

playground shredded rubberPlayground Shredded Rubber, or Rubber Mulch, is an economical solution to surfacing that provides excellent impact attenuation without the need to constantly replenish it. It is also a very environmentally friendly solution as it saves millions of tires from land fills every year. This safety surface is not recommended for kids under two as it presents a choking hazard. It does need some raking to keep the area level.




Engineered Wood fiber

Playground mulch CTEngineered Wood Fiber, or Certified Playground Mulch, is loose surfacing material specifically created for playgrounds. The wood does not contain any impurities, is free of bark and is of uniform size. We have the capability to blow the fibers right onto your playground with our blower trucks. We can also deliver the product to your site for you to install.