Poured in Place Rubber Surfacing is a unitary surfacing solution that provides a soft cushion around your play set or a running surface for kids to enjoy. It consists of two layers: An impact attenuating layer, the thickness of which is determined by the height of the play equipment. This layer is typically made up of recycled rubber products such as buffings from tires. The top layer, also called ‘the wear layer’ is the colorful part of the system made up of EPDM or TPV rubber. It is a two step process, since the bottom layer needs to cure before the top layer is installed.




The following are some of the advantages of a poured in place rubber surface:

  • It is ADA compliant. A kid in a wheel chair can easily move about the playground surface.
  • It is porous, so water does not accumulate on it.
  • You can embed designs, and logos right in the surface.
  • Multiple color choices.
  • No seams.
  • It can be used as alternative surface to asphalt or Concrete for Trikes.
  • It can easily be poured in and troweled around existing play equipment.
  • A good alternative for pitched terrain (where other loose surfacing won’t work that well).

Beside installing poured in place rubber surfacing all over New England, we offer do-it-yourself patch kits that allow you to repair damage in existing installations. We also offer rubber surface conditioners that extend the life of your rubberized surface. Call us today 203-659-0456

Examples of Our Poured In Place Rubber Installs