Why is Climbing Important for Children?

Climbing is a vital skill for children to practice. It adds a level of risk to the playground that is important for children to experience. Risk on the playground helps to develop kid’s minds and bodies. They are able to build up a sense of confidence as they begin to reach new heights. Children need to feel confident in themselves so they can push themselves to experience new challenges. It is especially important that children experience these challenges outside. It is important for children to experience the outdoors and explore independently. Nature offers children the ability to explore new things and discover how their mind and bodies work. Climbing in nature is a great way for kids to take risks. Pushing their minds further by experiencing new challenges helps children activate different parts of their mind which helps in their futures. It strengthens their minds so that they have an easier time learning and staying focused in the classroom. Climbing and gaining confidence activates multiple parts of a child’s brain.

Climbing is also great for children’s physical strength. They must use their upper body strength to pull themselves up to new heights. They must use their lower body strength to keep themselves steady, give them the support they need while climbing, and also help them climb further. Physical strength is something very important for children to develop and they best place to do it is outdoors or on a playground. Kids are constantly developing new muscles and skills and growing. It is important for them to stay active every day to continue to develop and to strengthen the bodies they are growing into.