Spring Riders

Our spring riders are a very exciting piece of equipment for playgrounds. They spark the imagination of the children who use them because they come in so many shapes and sizes. Kids can pretend to sail the seas on the trawler spring rider, be a bus driver, a pilot or ride a selection of animals. Spring riders help children learn to bounce and rock back and forth. Doing this helps develop muscle strength in children, helps learn to balance, and gain motor skills. Children develop at a quick rate and it is good for them to constantly be moving and trying new things. Spring riders will help them to continue to develop and they will definitely have fun on them!

Our spring riders are created to be extremely heavy duty and safe. They are secure so that children can freely rock back and forth. Some spring riders allow for more than one rider at a time. We have styles for two, four, and up to ten riders! These are great because they do not take up too much space on the playground but allow multiple kids to use them at once. Call us at (203) 659-0456 to discuss your spring rider options.