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Benefits of Swinging

Swings are incredibly important for children to allow them to freely move. The length of chains on swings have gotten much shorter for safety reasons. But, the length of the chains on swings is actuallyincredibly important. Having longer chains on swings is how children get the most natural nest swingamount of benefits from swinging. Angela J. Hanscom writes in her book “Balanced and Barefoot” that the making the chains shorter impacts the amount of force and vestibular input children experience. It is this force that activates their sensory inputs and makes children stronger and more developed. It also makes children more attentive and have an easier time learning. Many children find it hard to focus, pay attention in class or not get distracted. Getting the necessary vestibular input children require daily can help their abilities to stay focused and therefore have any easier time learning.

Children are also often told they are not allowed to spin on swings because it is deemed as dangerous. This is actually another important way for children to receive the movement they need. Children also like to jump off swings and soar through the air to build up their confidence. Confidence is important for children to have and they can easily gain it on playgrounds. Safety is always the number one priority. It is essential for children to always have supervision and be taught how to properly use equipment. But, they must also be allowed to try new things on the swings and use them in various ways. Making them too restricted could actually have negative affects as it removes all the crucial benefits swings offer kids.