Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor fitness equipment is a great way to get exercise outside of an indoor gym. Indoor gyms often make people intimidated, making exercising more stressful than it should be. All of our outdoor fitness products are made in the USA from stainless steel. The durable material protects the equipment from corrosion. The equipment has a PVC coating which creates comfortable grips for your hands and traction for your feet. The coating also helps the equipment maintain an average temperature through extreme hot and cold weather. The material will not crack or warp no matter the conditions.

The machines are very sleek, making the outdoor space attractive and eye-catching. All of the equipment meets and exceeds requirements by ASTM 3101-15. There are no crush or shear hazards which means the equipment is very safe to use. There are also internal mechanisms that eliminate any muscle injuries. These are a great way to get exercise using the machines you love and taking out the intimidation of an indoor gym. Work out in the fresh air with outdoor fitness machines.