We have all heard it. Kids coming home with splinters on their hands because of the wooden playground set at school that hasn’t been maintained properly. (Read our article about playground splinters) Sometimes, for budget reasons, replacing the wooden playground set or wooden borders is simply not an option. That’s where our playground grade wooden coating comes in.

wooden playground coating

Our wooden playground coating system bonds to all wood types and completely seals the wood forming a thick layer of skid resistant surface that will get rid of splintering and prolong the life your wooden playground. It is the only system that works. The application can be done by anyone who has painted a surface before. We offer many colors to match the look you are trying to achieve. To get a quote for material and shipping, measure the surface of your playground and send us an email to [email protected]. You can also call us at 203-659-0456 or text us at 203-200-7881 if you have any questions about this system.

How to avoid splinters on your wooden playground

  • Make sure your playground is sealed periodically
  • Sand the surface of your wooden playground when you see slivers
  • Run cheese cloth on the surface to inspect the playground surface
  • Fore a more permanent solution, use the Trassig wooden playground coating system
  • If you are applying our Wood surface sealer, clean the surface: Make sure you remove all grease and contaminants
  • Apply the primer. The primer comes in a one gallon pail. Each pail covers approximately 250 sf.
  • Apply the wood coat. The product comes in a one gallon pail . Each pail covers approximately 90 sf. You might need more than one coat for your application.

The Wood coat comes in the following colors.